Carl-Mikael Ström was born 1986. Carl-Mikael works within photography, writing and film. He moves between the different mediums, using time as the essential tool to let the frame of the project become clear and visible.

Ström believes that an image can take a lot of different forms and that time passing inevitably shows, even in an image. Convinced that there is always more behind what you intend to say, he tries to accept the inevitable restraints and lies of creation. It comes down to the observer to position himself towards his work. 

He studied photography at Fatamorgana in Copenhagen, Denmark between 2013-2014.

Group Exhibitions:

Athens Photo Festival 2019 Satellite Program - The Other Sons And Daughters June 2019

Copenhagen Photo Festival 2019 - Året, August. Published by Blankt Papir

The Year - Copenhagen, Gallery NW - January 2019